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We have collected the most commonly asked questions about our business.

Marano's FAQ

Most of the fuel that Marano’s sells is unbranded for retail, commercial and industrial customers. In some cases, Marano’s has branded agreements with retail service stations and can offer Shell, Caltex or BP branding.
Call (07) 4098 8222 or email and our Customer Service department will be happy to look after your account set-up.
Marano’s can deliver just about any quantity of fuel. From 200L to a full fleet of trucks. Call (07) 4098 8222 for a quote.
Yes. Many refer to on-site fueling as ‘wet hosing’. Basically, Marano’s comes to your facility or job site and fills your trucks and/or equipment. Our trucks run 24 hours a day, allowing for daytime or night-time fuelling.

Marano’s offers lubricants from all the major brands including Shell, Caltex, Castrol, and Gulf Western. Call us on (07) 4098 8222 or email for more information.

Yes. Marano’s can install Remote Tank Monitors on diesel and lube oil tanks. This enables Marano’s to assist you in managing your fuel and lubricant inventories. Contact a Marano’s representative for more details on (07) 4098 8222.
Yes. Marano’s has access to just about everything related to fuel and lubricant equipment.
Yes. Marano’s loans tanks for fuel and lubricants. The amount of equipment that Marano can loan depends on the volume used. If the volume does not support the amount of equipment needed, we can pro-rate the difference and charge at monthly rates.
Do You Have any Questions?
Submit an enquiry online or call us during office hours on (07) 4098 8222.

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