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Aviation Fuel

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Marano’s Fuel has extended its ‘one-stop-shop’ capabilities with the addition of bulk aviation fuel supply and delivery.

Our new Road Train allows us to not only deliver bulk diesel and petrol, but also includes a dedicated aviation fuel tanker which means we can meet all your fuel requirements in one delivery – saving you time and money.

We have the highest concerns for safety and quality, with all our operators’ certified Product Quality Inspectors.

We perform onsite electronic densitometer testing to ensure a premium product is delivered every time.

Maranos Aviation Fuel

Our bulk aviation fuel service includes a ‘no job too big or too small’ promise, including:

  • Bulk aviation fuel storage tank refills
  • Supply of aviation fuel in sealed drums
  • Supply of new empty aviation fuel drums
  • Supply of aviation fuel storage and pumping accessories

Our delivery service utilises the latest technology, including:

  • Live vehicle tracking and monitoring
  • Metered delivery, which provides our clients with the greatest cost control on fuel deliveries
  • MT Data, which ensures the highest level of health and safety by monitoring driver fatigue and vehicle management.

To find out how we can help you with your aviation fuel needs, call (07) 4098 8222 or email

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